Women's Association

"She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."
-- Proverbs 31:26
Church loves Carols,
names two of them
'Woman of the Year'
     Carol McDaniel and Carol String were both selected as "Women of the Year" and honored during the worship service on May 14 -- Mother's Day. 
     A presentation has been given annually by the Women's Association since 2010 to highlight the Christian commitment and service of an outstanding woman in our congregation. 
    Helen Wheaton was the first woman so honored. The recipients receive an honorarium of $100, to be given to the charity of their choice.  
     Carol McDaniel joined us in 1992 as our choir director and organist. She shortly thereafter became our minister of music. 
     Our Sanctuary, Youth and Cherub Choirs grew under her tutelage, God-given talent and leadership skills, which brought our choirs to new heights. 
     She oversaw a drive to raise money for bells and then started two nand-bell choirs -- the Heavenly Bells and the Note-A-Bells. Later, the Primetime Ringers and Youth Bell Ringers were formed. 
     Carol planned festivals with other churches, cantatas and Christmas pageants on an annual basis and directed many Follies during her time as minister of music. 
     She was instrumental in forming the Historical Preservation Committee and has spearheaded that committee since its formation at the end of 2010.
     Denise Pitchford said, "I nominate Carol McDaniel for 2017 Woman of the Year because of her superb contributions to our music programs, infinite enthusiasm, spirit of dedication and her visionary leadership."   
     Carol String joined the church in 1983. She graduated from Westminister Choir College and has a beautiful soprano voice. She uses her talent to joyfully praise God in worship.
     Surprisingly, Carol also possesses comedic abilities. She can do voices, assume roles and has a sense of timing when reforming a comedy sketch that could not be better!  
     Her retelling of a Fractured Fairytale and her singing of "Lemon Jello Tunafish Surprise" were classics! 
     Carol has participated in so many activities with the choirs, the youth group, Deacons, and Session. 
     She and her husband, Phil, were major contributors to the Youth Group breakfast and supported every mission within Our church. 
     For many years, she led our Youth Choir and Cherub Choir, and when our church needed a Bell Choir director, Carol stepped forward.      She is a faithful member who continues to sing in our Sanctuary Choir and to lead our bell choirs.
     Concluding her nomination for Carol String, Janet Koehler asserted, "I love Carol as a friend, admire her ability to live an exemplary Christian life and feel blessed that she is a member of our church."
All women invited to attend monthly Esther Circle meetings 
      The Esther Circle resumed its monthly meetings this fall on Tuesday, Sept. 5, at the home of Barbara Daugherty. This year, our Bible study will focus on the “I AM” sayings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of John. The study, written by Justin Raulston, will bring to life how the Scriptures apply to our lives today. Upcoming lessons include:
      Nov. 7:  “I AM the Gate”
 Leader: Jeanne Mangano
      All women of the church are invited to come to the meetings which are over by 9 p.m. 
Esther Circle donates barbecue money to disaster relief
     The Esther Circle will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7, at the Sewell home of Judy Milio. Our Bible Study will be on "I Am the Gate," which is Chapter 3 in our book, "I AM." It will be led by Jeanne Mangano. Please come to the meeting as we will be distributing the funds from the chicken barbecue.
     Fifteen women attended our October meeting in the annex. At that meeting we voted to send money to the Thanks Offering of Presbyterian Women, which came from Esther Circle funds. We also voted to send money to the Presbyterian Disaster Agency from the money raised at the barbecue.
     Kim DiNoia and Barbara Daugherty attended the fall gathering of Presbyterian Women at the First Presbyterian Church in Haddon Heights. About 40 women from West Jersey Presbytery were in attendance. 
     The guest speaker, Rhonda Sanchez, along with 25 other women from the Synod of the Northeast, spent a week in the San Francisco area visiting several missions sponsored by area churches. The focal point of Rhonda’s speech was the human trafficking of men, women and children in this country -- the second-leading criminal enterprise in the U.S.