Pastor's notes
"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

-- Romans 8:28
News and notes from our pastor 
     Get well wishes to Jim GoldingAdam FachingerJohn Battle, and Fennis Shaw (Dick's daughter), all recently in the hospital, and to Susan Shunk, who had a bad fall recently.
     Thank you to our Tea and Treasures Committee -- Heather Antosky, Anne Camilli, Nickie Kuehnapfel, and Nancy Zane -- for all their hard work!
     And thank you to all who helped on our work day.
     And thank you to all the musicians who made our Easter service so meaningful.
Join us at Mount Zion on April 29
      A reminder: We will have our annual joint worship service at Mount Zion Wesley United Methodist Church at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, April 29.
     There will be no Sunday School or worship at our church that day. 
  This is an opportunity to celebrate our unique relationship with their congregation, to rejoice in the connection we have as Christians, and to praise God that we are one Body of Christ.
     This is NOT a Sunday off, but a Sunday when we can lift our souls and spirits and rejoice in this amazing opportunity to show the world that, in Christ, we are ONE people!

​Sermons for April
​Easter Sunday, April 1st

Sunrise Service: Give Us Barabbas! 
10 a.m. service: The Foolishness of Easter

April 8: Youth Sunday
April 15: The Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise of Mephibosheth
April 22: Did You Hear the Earth Groan?
April 29: Hezekiah Goofed
Dear Friends,
     A little girl was sitting on her grandmother's lap looking at the pictures in her grandmother's Bible. 
     She came upon one with Jesus wearing a crown of thorns. 
     "He looks sad," she said. 
     "Well," her grandmother replied, "the thorns some people put on His head were giving Him a headache." 
     "Why did they do that?" she asked. 
     Her grandmother replied: "They weren't very nice."
     The little girl next saw a picture of Jesus carrying His cross. 
     "He looks sad again," she said. "That's because people made Him carry something very heavy. They weren't very nice to Him."
                                            Then the little girl saw a picture of Jesus giving the                                       Sermon on the Mount. 
                                            "He looks happy there," she said. 
                                            "That's because He is teaching people something,"                                        her grandmother said. "Maybe the A-B-C's." 
                                            "No," the little girl said, "He's teaching them to be                                          nice!"
                                            Out of the mouths of babes!
                                            And isn't that the message Jesus brought to the                                            people in the Sermon on the Mount? And in many of                                          His parables? And in most of His other lessons? 
                                            Be nice. 
     Treat other people with dignity and respect. Care about people. Show others that they matter. 
     I suppose you could say that Be Nice is the Gospel message in two words. Isn't that what God did by sending us Jesus Christ?
     He was being nice, giving us love, and letting us know that we matter to Him.
     Are you being nice, too? True, some days it isn't easy. And some people (let's be honest) make it difficult to be nice.
     But if God can be nice to all of us -- so nice that He sent His Son to the cross for us when we deserved the cross ourselves -- we can find it in our hearts to be nice to everyone we meet. 
     And who knows? We might change the world, one person at a time, by being nice!
                                                                                                    In Christ, John