Pastor's notes
Dear Friends,
     One of the most important passages in the entire Bible is the one from Exodus, when God speaks to Moses in the burning bush. 
     Moses has been selected by God to return to Egypt, where he is a fugitive from justice, but he wants no part of the task. He finds every excuse he can. But God, as we all know, does not abide excuses.
     Finally, Moses asks God what His name is. If he has to go back, at least he will be armed with something. And God gives Moses His name: “I am who I am.”
    Which doesn’t sound like much of a name, but it certainly sounds like a good description of who God is and what He does. And that is                                       more important than any label He might wear.
                                        But that leads to another thought – one I                                           picked up in a devotional book: The author of                                       this devotional commented that one of the                                             most popular phrases that has crept into our                                         vocabulary is: “It is what it is.” 
                                        It’s the spoken equivalent of a shrug of the                                       shoulders, an acceptance of a situation that                                           seems to have no resolution in sight, and an                                         almost depressing resignation to whatever “it” is that we are facing. 
     My guess is that we have all referred to something going on in our lives – something we would rather NOT have going on in our lives – as “it is what it is.”
    But what if instead of that self-defeating phrase, the author of this devotion asks, we said: “He is who He is.” 
    What if, in a difficult situation, we turn to the one whose very name means “I am in charge; I am all that you need me to be; I am lord over all things; I am THE active presence with you in all you are facing?”
    Somehow, that makes much more sense than “it is what it is.”
    Because He is who He is. And as long as we have the great “He is” by our side, is there anything that can defeat us? Except, of course, our belief that “it,” whatever “it” is is all we will ever know.
    Examine your “its.” Measure them up against the “He” who is always with us. 
    Can any “it” be bigger than “He is,” who used a cross to declare a victory that no one could possibly have thought would be a victory? 
    Could any “it” we face defeat us after all that “He is” has done and has yet to do for us? 
    True, “He is” might not make things happen right away, and “He is” might choose a path we never expected. But “He is” is bigger than any “it” we will ever face. 
    When tough times come, and they most definitely will, try saying to yourself: “He is who He is.” And just watch what “He is” is capable of!
In Christ,

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

-- Romans 8:28
News and notes from our church 
     Our sympathy is expressed to the family of Bette Murphy, who entered God’s kingdom May 22. Bette was a longtime member of our church, an elder, a deacon, and active in the Women’s Association and the Prime Timers.
     Get-well wishes to Norm Bramble, who was recently hospitalized, and to Amy Peterson, who was also in the hospital.
     Congratulations to our graduates: From Clearview High School: Tyler Eachus; from GCIT: Arin and Sydney Sheehan; from the Antonelli Institute: Rachel Eachus; from the University of Scranton: Rachel Outten. God bless you all!

     Pray for our reps: The 223rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church will meet June 16 to 23 in St. Louis. 
     Please pray for our West Jersey commissioners who will represent us at the Assembly. They are Sandi ShanerDiane CurtisWill BoerGinny Magness and Rev. Dr. Debby Brincivalli.