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6 -- Of The Father's Love Begotten
13 -- Something ... Doesn't Love A Wall
20 -- Comfortable Silence
27 -- Don't Look Back

3 -- One Last Stabbing Question
10 -- The Letter We Have Written
17 -- Reining In The Holy Spirit 
24 -- A Line In The Sand

3 - How Did Peter Know?
10 -- Well, Did She?
17 -- Two Sisters ...
24 - From Demons to 
31 - Is THAT the Cup He 
        Was Talking About?

APRIL 2018
Give Us Barabbas
Foolishness of Easter
8 -- Youth service
15 -- Mephibosheth
22 -- Did You Hear The Earth Groan?
29 -- At Mount Zion

​6 -- So So or Sow Sow
13 -- The Women On Our Journey
20 -- Youth Sunday
27 -- Before the Benediction

3 -- The Platinum Rule
10 -- Giants in the Land
17 -- A Fatherhood Owner's Manual
24 -- Where Was Thomas?

1 -- Blessing Responsibility Continuum
8 -- 5 Smooth Stones
15 -- The Knee Bone ...
22 -- Is He Kidding?
29 -- Brad Gilmore sermon

6 -- Paul Milio sermon
13 -- Peter Blew It
20 -- Are We?
27 -- The Call ...

2 -- Hey Guys, Any Luck?
9 -- The Gospel According to a Soybean Farmer
16 -- God's Favorite Word
23 -- You May Be A Quaker
30 -- You Are Now Very Old

7 -- Big Brother is Watching
14 -- Stewardship Sermon
21 -- As Famous As ...
28 -- Eye On The Sparrow

4 -- Can They See Us?
11 -- Cindy Corell sermon
18 -- Fit To Be Tied
25 -- Are We Complete?

2 -- Holy Knees
9 -- Visible Invisibility
16 -- Festival of Carols
23 -- Brad Gilmore sermon
24 -- Christmas Eve:
4 p.m. -- Twas The Night Before Christmas
7 p.m. -- Saving Christmas
30 -- Liz Billings sermon

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"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

-- Romans 8:28
Church member and historian Janet Koehler frequently contributes gifts for our children that help illustrate our pastor's Junior Sermon each Sunday.
Photo by Denise Pitchford
    Our Pastor's Message for March
Dear Friends,
        As we journey through the Fourth Chapter of Philippians, we have reached verses ten through thirteen, which are among the most powerful verses not only in this letter, but in the entire Bible. And they are verses that summarize his spiritual autobiography. 
        From the moment Paul became a Christian, his life became difficult. Even
dangerous. He face death threats in Damascus, and had to be let out over the city wall in a basket. The leaders of the church in Jerusalem didn't trust him (after
his persecution of the followers of Jesus, do you blame them?) He was imprisoned                                             several times, the victim of stonings, ran out of several                                             cities, falsely accused, and  ended up in Rome, a                                             prisoner of Caesar, eventually to be  executed.
                                                      And we think that WE have troubles! And yet                                             he could tell his brothers and sisters in Philippi that he                                             was content. That he knew all the ups and downs of life
                                            and had handled them all. That he had been full and                                             hungry, lost and found, confused and clear-headed.                                                        That he refused to complain about what he had taken 
                                            away from him. That he could see before him only the 

hope that God was offering to him.
          Singer Natalie Cole, who had her share of ups and downs in life, wrote in liner
notes for one of her albums. "I thank God for what He has given me; I thank God for what He has taken from me; And I thank God for what He has left me." (I wonder if we have the faith to express the same thought!)
           That's the thought that Paul is expressing. Whatever I have, whatever I don't have, I have God. And that is all that matters.
            And that is the reason why he writes verse thirteen: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." A verse that, after John 3:16, just may be the most important verse in the Bible, the verse that promises that all things are possible. 
           Now when Paul says 'all things', he doesn't mean we can flap our arms and fly, or write the great American novel, or win the Powerball Lottery. He simply means that we can face up to any struggle that finds its way onto our path; that we can deal with the frustration and opposition that enter into our lives; that we can be what God wants us to be. And not because we are strong, but because God is. It's the same point he makes in II Corinthians 12 when he understands the great truth that God made to him. "When you are weak, the I am strong."
            Actually, if we try to survive on our own strength, we are just getting in the way of what God can do to lift us up in our weakness and get us on the right track.
            You've probably seen a poster that says: "Success comes in CANS, not CAN'TS." We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, if we let Him. And if we don't let Him, the CAN'TS will be victorious. Which choice will you make as we face the future, as individuals and as a church. 

Joys and Concerns

Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving for two new babies:
            Tess Holly, daughter of Kayleigh and Christopher Reim
             Skylar Avery, daughter of Paul and Domenica Belcher. 
and for new church members:
              Mr. and Mrs. James Dawson (Chelsea) and Anne Unstetter. 

Prayers of Healing and Peace for:
             Betty Warner, Sandra Stammerjohann, Cheryl Cox and Laura Holleny Czaikowski.  

 Our sympathy is extended to Mr. William Sharp and his family on the recent 
death of his wife Nancy.