Military Pocket Prayers 
     This ministry, which began in our church on Sept. 11, 2011, supplies 8x8-inch patriotic prayer squares that are sent to active U.S. military personnel.
     If you know of a serviceman or woman whom you believe would appreciate receiving a prayer square, contact Denise Pitchford by email at dmpitchford@comcast
.net . Include your name, the recipient's, as well as that person's military information and complete address.

* Mary's Place By The Sea
* Habitat for Humanity
* Family Promise
* Special Olympics
* Urban Promise
* Camp Johnsonburg
* Covenant House
* Seeds of Hope
Our Prayer Quilt Ministry
     The Prayer Quilt Ministry continues to receive messages from those who have received prayer quilts.  
     Many of the letters share the joy that the recipients feel when receiving one of the quilts, and others share what they feel knowing that our church family loves them.
     At times it is difficult to produce the quilts as quickly as needed.
     The quilters originally met once a month, but changed to every two weeks and then to once a week.
       Please consider joining us. We meet most Thursdays, from 10 a.m. to noon.
     You do not need to commit to helping out every week -- just let us know when you can join us. The joy that comes from participating in this ministry will fill your heart.
     Call Barbara Daugherty for information via the church office at (856) 845-0139. Keep tying those knots. They represent prayers.
Learn more about Family Promise
During two or three weeks each year, our church works with the Presbyterian Church of Pitman, which shelters homeless families who are clients of Family Promise of Gloucester County. Contact Barbara Daugherty of our church to learn how you can help. You can also view for info about the organization.
The value of Family Promise to a family in its time of need
​     Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from a speech made about Family Promise.
    “My family and I are very thankful that Family Promise of Gloucester County exists.  
    “Last year at this time, our family was sitting in Vicki’s office extremely upset that we were going to be homeless. She assured us that this is just a bump in the road and that we were in good hands with Family Promise.  
    “While we were in the program, we experienced love, kindness, support, encouragement and respect from everyone including generous donations and amazing volunteers.  
    “Our family never thought we would need a “home” but Family Promise offered us a safe place to sleep, good meals -- but most importantly keeping our family together in just a time of need.  
    “During the holidays last year, who would have thought, my family and I would be in a shelter? Family Promise made us feel at home and we all felt as if we were in our own home.
    “Our family is forever and deeply thankful for Family Promise and all the volunteers! Without Family Promise we never would have had the chance to finally have a place we can call our own.”  
Meet Cindy Corell, the missionary whom we support
     While serving as a youth adviser for her congregation in Virginia, former journalist Cindy Corell had the opportunity to go on mission trips to nearby and national destinations.
                                                               It was then that she realized that serving others in Christ's name was                                                                     having a profound impact on her, and it is what made her decide to become a                                                             missionary. Under the auspices of PCUSA, Cindy serves in Haiti, the                                                                           Caribbean country she first visited in 2010. 
                                                               Our church has decided to help sponsor Cindy in her efforts to connect                                                                 presbyteries and churches in the U.S. with a network of churches, grassroots                                                             organizations and nongovernmental groups in Haiti. 
                                                               Her objective is to alleviate poverty and suffering in Haiti through                                                                           education, advocacy, lifestyle changes, alternative economic activities and                                                                 spiritual grounding. 
                                                               Furthermore, according to PCUSA, she hopes to "help restore the                                                                         wholeness of God's creation and the healing of the human family through                                                                   prayer, mutual visits, humble accompaniment, repentance and mutual transformation. Presbyterian World Mission assigns mission personnel to help facilitate this effort, which is a ministry of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.
     Based in Port au Prince, Cindy has left a 27-year journalism career behind. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and communications from Longwood (Va.) College. She is a member of the Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church in Fishersville, Va., where she was ordained as a deacon.
Cindy Corell