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PrimeTimers stay local for September meeting

     Thirteen PrimeTimers met for "lunch in the lounge" on Monday, Sept. 11. Members brought lunches of their choosing, with dessert and drinks provided by Judy Milio and Nancy MacDermott.
     After a prayer was given by the Rev. Paul Milio, all sang "God Bless America."
     Many discussions ensued during lunch. Margaret Schneeman announced the arrival of a new, beautiful granddaughter. 
     The treasurer's and secretary's reports were read and approved, and Rev. Milio asked that we continue to pray for members Ginny Naylor and Fran Lambert. 
     Our August trip to Sight and Sound theater in Lancaster, Pa., and lunch at the Dutchway Restaurant, were both very enjoyable, thanks to the arrangements made by Ada White and Judy Milio. All members of our group were very appreciative.
     Dick Daugherty has arranged for us to take a trip to Valley Forge, Pa., on Oct. 9. It will feature a 1-1/2 hour tour on a trolley with stops along the way and lunch afterward at The Tavern at Valley Forge. 
     PrimeTimers must let Dick know no later than one week in advance if they wish to attend. We will gather at the church at 9:30 a.m. and leave for Valley Forge at 9:45 a.m.
     In November, the Prime Timers will meet in the lounge and, once again, bring their own lunches.  
Visit to Valley Forge
inspires PrimeTimers
despite rainy weather
     Ten optimistic PrimeTimers left the church at 9 a.m. Oct. 9 to visit Valley Forge. 
     It was raining as the Stammerjohan squad and the Dick Daugherty contingent drove to Montgomery County, Pa..
     It continued to rain as they pulled into the Visitor Center, where they were scheduled to board the trolley for a tour of the area. 
     The tour was cancelled because the driver had an illness, so the group settled in the comfortable and dry area, listening to a lecturer and seeing a film of the Revolutionary War encampment.
     As the two groups set out for lunch at the Tavern, the sun broke through the clouds. Lunch was enjoyed by all. 
     Dana Milio and Nancy Butler made everyone curious when they asked for more plates until everyone saw that they were sharing their meals. Friends do that.
     After leaving the Tavern, Dick Daugherty led the group to the beautiful Washington Memorial Chapel, which still has services today, the National Memorial Arch and on to Washington’s Headquarters. 
     The ranger reminded the group that the railings going up to the bedrooms on the second floor were the same ones George and Martha touched.
     This rainy Monday turned out to be a very fun and pleasant day for the group.
Photo by Barbara Daugherty