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August meeting
Lancaster, Pa., trip features great lunch, stage show
     At 10 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 22, 14 church members left the annex for the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pa., in cars driven by Dick Daugherty and Mike Woodrow. Meeting up again at the Dutch Way Restaurant, the group enjoyed an ample buffet lunch in a private room.
     Rev. Paul Milio welcomed everyone and asked a blessing before the waitress served us
beverages. She was a lovely, young Amish woman with sparkling eyes, a 
beautiful smile, and she gave us gracious service. The buffet was an
invitation to gluttony. The fried chicken, quesadillas, soft-serve ice cream
with candy toppings and homemade peach pie topped the list of favorites for
our group.
     Sight and Sound is a massive and beautiful structure. Our 14 well-fed Presbyterians squeezed together in front of the lion and lamb statue for a group photo before entering and taking their seats.
     “Jesus,” the production we were there to see, begins in a fishing village by the Sea of Galilee, where Peter and the sons of Zebedee, James and John, have docked their vessels. 
     Peter is despondent about the poor fishing and as the “sons of thunder” taunt him, they argue and start a brawl. Then Jesus appears and the conscription of apostles begins. 
     The show continues through scenes of Jesus performing miracles and interacting with children, family members and figures of authority as the stories of the Bible are re-enacted. The scenery is massive and dynamic. However the violence and realism of a storm at sea was achieved, it was most effective and very dramatic. 
     Costuming, set design and beautiful music were hallmarks of this production. Live animals, camels, horses, a donkey and a dog were also part of the cast.
     The production ends with the crucifixion, resurrection and Jesus ascending to Heaven. It left all in the theater quietly reverent, and Nicodemus appeared center stage to issue an altar-call.
     Arriving safely back at the annex, all agreed that the long day was made perfect by beautiful weather, wonderful fellowship, great dining and spiritual renewal.

September meeting
Precipitation pushes picnic from park to Presbyterian property 
​     “Have grill, will travel” was the mantra of Joe Martino as he and his wife, Carol, pushed their barbecue grill from their home to the church on Sept. 10, for the PrimeTimers’ in-door picnic. 
     Joe proved himself to be an able grill master, and Carol excelled at being a waitress.
     The luncheon table was laden with other picnic foods to accompany the hot dogs and burgers. Lobster tails were not on the menu again this year! Desserts were also served. 
     PrimeTimers' President Paul Milio conducted a short meeting after welcoming all and thanking the helpers.
     The group will visit the Presbyterian Historical Society on Oct. 8. The meeting on Nov. 12 will be in the church lounge, and it will feature lunch and the election of officers for 2019.
     The annual Christmas Luncheon will be at Charley Brown's Restaurant in Woodbury at noon on Monday, Dec. 10. Dr. and Rev. Milio welcomed Pat McDonald to our group, after which Ada White gave a beautiful blessing before the PrimeTimers filled their plates. 
     President Milio entertained us with a story of three linemen bragging about the number of poles they had installed during their work day. When questioned why the third man only put in one to their six and eight, he replied, “You should see how they did theirs. Their poles are sticking up in the air.” 
     The event ended with three games devised by the recreation director, Judy Milio. A few had powerful swings, a couple were accurate or lucky, and many demonstrated ricochet strokes. It is doubtful the PGA would allow any of these players to putt on their greens.