Prime Timers February Meeting 
     A lively meeting of the Prime Timers was held on Monday, February 10th in the lounge.
Everyone enjoyed the pizza that we shared; no plain pizza for us; bring on the sausage and peppers.
    Discussions were held regarding potential plans for the year.. Pat Diehl graciously agreed to look in to setting up a group trip to see the production of Esther at the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster County. It is a trip that we would like to open up to the congregation. Pat will provide details as soon as they are available.
    A luncheon cruise aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia is also being investigated.
The group voted to donate $50.00 to the Memorial Fund in memory of our beloved friend Barbara Daugherty.
    Members who had February birthdays were celebrated; those were Nancy Butler on 2/11 and Ginny Naylor on 2/7.
    We will gather for our March meeting at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Deptford on 3/9 at 12 noon. If you would like to join us, please reach me.

                                                            Caro; Martino, President