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December meeting
Talent show tops off best Christmas luncheon ever
    On Monday, Dec. 11, 14 PrimeTimers celebrated the beautiful season of Christ-mas at Terra Nova Restaurant in Sewell. 
    Our president, the Rev. Paul Milio, offered a prayer before the food-laden platters arrived. All were pleased with the quality of the food and the efficiency of the wait staff. The private room allowed the group to quietly converse with each other as the luncheon continued through the dessert course -- Bananas Foster. And then the stage was set for a marvelous display of senior-citizen talent.
    Esther Culbert narrated the Pennsylvania Dutch version of “The Night Before Christmas” in the voice of Belsnickel, the crotchety, Christmas gift-bringer who rides through the town on a plow pulled by cows and steers.
    “Climb up on that roof now, and you make it schnappy -- you don't want to make me no more unhappy.
    “And then Belsnickel yelled, brushing snow off his head,
    "Merry Christmas zu all, now chust go back to bed!"
    While her audience clapped, Cindy Lou, the Grinch and an announcer took the stage for The Great Church Robbery! Nancy Butler was the perfect narrator as she expressively recounted the details surrounding Grinch-y Dick Daugherty’s theft of all in the church near his home. 
    Determined that an empty church would be a silent church, he was sure his meanness would end Christmas cheer! Cindy Lou (Barbara Daugherty) discovers him and prays for him. The unstoppable joy in the church on Christmas morn floats to the Grinch trapped under his runaway truck, and he prays to God for the first time ever!     Prayers are answered and all ends well with a now sweet-tempered Grinch standing with Cindy Lou and singing a carol.
    Any retiree who wishes to join this talented group of fun-loving Christians is invited to join us. Tryouts for the next production will be announced! The Jan. 8 meeting, a chilli party, will be held at the Milio home.
January meeting
Group kicks off the new year with lunch at the Milios' home
    A dozen Presbyterians dined deliciously on Monday, Jan. 8, at the Rev. Paul and Judy Milios' home in Sewell. The temperature had climbed from the frigid single digits to a balmy 34 degrees, and the sun was shining as the Prime Timers met for their January meeting. 
    The menu included a specially spiced “Milio Chili-o,” “Judy’s Famous Chicken Salad Sandwiches,” cheese and crackers, and assorted beverages. Many members contributed cookies to round out the dessert fare of cake, cupcakes, and ice cream.
    You may well ask, “Why no pie?” The answer is because this group resolved to cut back on their consumption of sugar in 2018, and as we all know, there is no sugar in cookies, cake, cupcakes and ice cream!
    Cards were signed for Esther Korn, Carolyn Ronkety and Esther Culbert. 
    The group will travel to Filomina’s Lakeview Inn in Deptford for their next meeting, which is at noon Monday, Feb. 12. In March, all will enjoy a pizza party in the church lounge and plan future group events.