More history
    When worshiping in church on Sunday, please be sure to notice the beautiful wood cross which adorns the wall at the back of the chancel. The Cross was made by a man named Joe Foerst, who along with his wife Loretta and son Jerry were members of our church at the time the current Sanctuary was constructed.
    Joe, who loved woodworking, upon receiving session approval for his design, began to build the cross in the basement of the home he formerly owned, which is next door to the Christian Education building at the corner of 4th and Poplar Ave. Joe was very proud of his hard work and the beautiful cross when it was finished, but he encountered a slight problem;
the door which led from his basement woodshop was too narrow for the cross to be removed and taken to the sanctuary. Through determination Joe found a way to disassemble the cross and reassemble it in the sanctuary. 
    This chancel cross is an example of the talent, hard work and determination of a church member named Joe Foerst. These qualities still exist today in our church. We see it all around us: those who serve on our boards, who teach, and who lead. We are grateful to all of those who have helped build the history of our 
church, both past and present. These are exciting and challenging times as our congregation builds on the future history of our church. Let's all be a part of it with our talents, hard work and determination. Carol Martino for the Church History Committee.

The Meek Mouse Family
    The 4th Avenue entrance to our Fellowship Hall and Sunday School opens to an area that welcomes visitors and highlights upcoming events. The Mouse House sits on the table here. The Church Mice who inhabit it, the Meek family, portray people and events from the past history of our church and those of today. It is one way to illustrate the on-going faith and service of our congregation. It also stirs the imaginations of our children as they enter on their way to their Sunday School classrooms, preparing them to better appreciate the wonderful stories they will learn there.
                            Janet K.