More history

​'For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.'
-- Romans 15:4
In 1910, mouse family 
felt at home in church

     Have you met our church mouse? Grandpa 
Mouse has kept diaries of people and events 
going back to 1896. In the past, we have shared 
some of those stories with you, and we hope 
you shared them with your children. We wanted 
to introduce the whole family to our Sunday 
School, we hope you will stop to visit the Mouse 
Family Open House at the 4th Avenue entrance. 
Whimsical, yes but Christmas is the perfect time 
for a bit of whimsy!

     It is December, 1910, and the family has settled into its 
new home in the church on Elm Avenue. Mother Mouse has 
tried to make her rooms look very much like those in John and 
Henrietta Mayhew’s home, where they used to live. Everyone 
is excited as they prepare for the coming of the new born King.
     Psalmantha Mouse has been practicing the same songs she heard Mrs. Mayhew playing on the organ. Tonight, Mr. Joseph Avis will lead his choir and this first service in the new sanctuary. Psalmantha will sing her heart out as she joins our choir members, although she can only squeak.
     Mother has her tea table prepared, with sweet treats ready to serve. She helped clean after the Ladies Aid Society held their decorating brunch, and she was able to rescue many pieces of the festive fare to share with the family.
     Uncle Moses Mouse has ordained himself pastor of those rodents living locally. He has prepared his sermon for the evening and stands ready to welcome the baby Jesus.
     Matty Mouse is as excited as a 6-year-old can be. He has been behaving since Santa visited the Sunday School a week ago!
     The baby is asleep. He was named after John and Henrietta’s son, who leads the teens' Christian Endeavor Society. He is an outstanding young man! His Sunday School class is very popular with the young people, and we pray our little Paul will be as devoted as he is.
     Charity Mouse is all a-twitter about how beautiful the new sanctuary looks dressed in winter greenery and lit by lanterns. She has checked to make sure all the Giving Tree gifts are ready to be taken to the families who have been facing hard times. Tonight, she is dressed much like Mrs. Gillingham was at the choir party.
     Father Mouse has returned with the first of the presents for the family, a new sled for the children. He will hide it until they are asleep.
     Merry Christmas to all from your Presbyterian Church Mice!