More history
The history of our church includes many members whose dedication has carried us through the years. Two members, in particular, come to mind; Bert and Phyllis Davenport. Their dedication and love for our church is to be admired.
Bert and Phyllis, who once owned the property next to the sanctuary, now serving as the church annex, participated in so many activities and committees, even while raising their family. But their history with our church reaches further back.
Bert shared with me that once, while he was attending class as a child, in the building that was removed in order to make room for the construction of the current sanctuary, his teacher attempted to add coal to the small furnace that heated the building and lost her engagement ring in the process; never to be recovered from the ashes.
I had the opportunity to work with Bert and Phyllis on the Stewardship & Finance commission of the session years ago.  Bert was the financial secretary at that time.  We worked together to overcome financial challenges that faced our congregation at that time.
Phyllis was always active with the Women's Association as were members of their family before her. One of the circles that was part of the Association was the Laura Davenport circle. The Sunday school also benefited from her hard work.
But one of the memories that I hold most dear is when Phyllis, who was a member of the choir, was the soloist at my wedding which, believe it or not, was 50 years ago this September 12th. Her beautiful voice added so much to the ceremony.
Our church was truly blessed to have such dedicated members as Bert & Phyllis; but I also see current members who have the same dedication and love for their church. We continue to be blessed.

These are exciting and challenging times as our congregation builds on the future history of our church. Let's all be a part of it with our talents, hard work and determination. 
Carol Martino for the Church History Committee.

The Meek Mouse Family
    The 4th Avenue entrance to our Fellowship Hall and Sunday School opens to an area that welcomes visitors and highlights upcoming events. The Mouse House sits on the table here. The Church Mice who inhabit it, the Meek family, portray people and events from the past history of our church and those of today. It is one way to illustrate the on-going faith and service of our congregation. It also stirs the imaginations of our children as they enter on their way to their Sunday School classrooms, preparing them to better appreciate the wonderful stories they will learn there.
                            Janet K. 
​The tradition of singing in the choir started back in May, 1897. 
Ever since, the youngsters in the Meek family have been squeaking their praises along with the Cherub Choir, unseen by adults.