More history

​'For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.'
-- Romans 15:4
Son of a former pastor shares Woodbury Heights memories
     Dr. Charles Almond, whose father was the pastor of the Heights Presbyterian Church from 1935 until 1941, sent the Church History Committee two books of memories about those years. 
     He wrote that his mother would take him to the small grocery store at the end of Elm Avenue, where he could buy animal crackers. The family had a caged owl. The Wood bus had a stop close by. 
     Anytime the family needed a plumber, they called for Mr. Eberling. He lived on the street by the railroad and had a goat that butted young Charles whenever he went there with his dad to visit. 
     Families used to put an "Ice" sign in their front window when they needed the ice man to make a delivery so they could keep their food cold, and a "Bond Bread" sign when they needed the bread man to stop.
     Dr. Almond was baptized by his dad, and the sacrament was witnessed by John Mayhew and George D. Queale.  
     "I don't remember my early years attending church, but I know my mother took me every Sunday. She reported that I did not fuss or interrupt the service. There was no child care in those days. Later, I went to Sunday School in the small building next to the church. For some reason, I think the building had been moved to that site." 
​     Honorees: In July, the History Committee honors two women of our congregation. Elizabeth Stainker celebrated her 100th birthday.  A long-time resident who often visited our church, Emma Holmstrom turned 97. She is the artist who painted this lovely picture of our old Sunday School building. 
At left is the certificate of baptism that Dr. Charles Almond, the son of our former pastor, is sharing with our church. At right is the Sunday School building painted by Emma Holmstrom.         
Photos provided by Janet Koehler
  'I am the vine and you are the branches'
    On the landing of the staircase that leads from our sanctuary to Fellowship Hall, you can see the grapevine (photo at right) suspended from the brick wall. 
     It is part of a grapevine that was tended by Bert and Phyllis Davenport all the years it spent in their home, which is now our annex.  
     It was kept as a reminder of the care and attention given to our church for so many years by these tireless mission workers. 
     Its branches cling to the wall of the sanctuary, which gives it strength to reach toward Heaven. No longer bearing grapes, the branches on our vine bear seasonal samplings of our mission outreach, the efforts to which Phyllis Davenport devoted her energy. 
     Kathy Pedicone, also dedicated to missions, saved a portion of the vine in 1994 when she became chair of the Mission Committee. She keeps it dressed seasonally and also decorates the window on the landing and those in the 4th Street stairwell. 
     Kay Pierson later became chairperson of Mission Committee, which is now chaired by Mary Kay Reynolds. Jesus is the vine, we are His branches. Let us bear good fruit!  
     Please take the time to enjoy this lovely historical and symbolic display.