Our history
"For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope."

-- Romans 15:4
      The church is a group of believers who gather to share their faith in God. 
     John and Henrietta Mayhew and others joined for prayer and worship in 1898 and dreamed of establishing a church.      
     This body of people held services in homes and Borough Hall before building the structure that became our First Presbyterian Church. 
     Church is a place for members to gather for worship, to study the scriptures and to devote themselves to abiding by God's Word through service and mission. 
     The historic artifacts and modern pictures seen in the cabinets are snippets of our church story, from incorporation in the past to Youth Fellowship, which is our future.  
     It honors events, people and our heritage. We hope it reminds you of how blessed we are to have had the freedom to establish a church where we can worship God and share our faith through service. 
     In the photo at right, which is the center panel in our display, we honor the commitment made by our forefathers when they pledged their lives and fortunes to create a nation based on the God-given rights to freedom and the pursuit of happiness. 
     The struggle to keep our country free and to spread freedom's call throughout the world continues today. 
     Our church keeps all those who work to defend our country and our way of life in our prayers and our thoughts. 
     Thanks to all who have served or are serving. May God bless and protect you.
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