Our history
"For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope."

-- Romans 15:4
New memorial cabinet display
features choirs, Sunday School
    The Winter, 2018 memorial cabinets honor our Sunday School and Choir. Both predate the formal establishment of our church! 
     The center section is a reminder of the devotion to attending Sunday School as evidenced by the picture of Gladys Albert, Carol Martino and Barbara Daugherty. 
     Gladys taught Sunday School, directed Bible School and was also a dedicated Girl Scout leader. Before pins were awarded for perfect attendance, Victorian trading cards were given to the children.
     The choir display shows items in the development of church choirs, our choir history and many candid photos. 
     There is an image of The Genevan Psalter created by John Calvin, which influenced our Colonial church music. 
     Psalmody relied on the oral tradition of learning tunes by rote. The psalms/music were considered so sacred that choirs rehearsed with different words as they learned the tunes.The technique employed to teach the congregation a new tune was called “lining out,” or “deaconing.” 
     The deacon or any member who could sing would sing each line of the psalm followed by the congregation in a call and response manner. This would be repeated each week until the parishioners could sing the psalm in its entirety without assistance. 
     Because of deaconing, the ability to read notes was all but forgotten. The few melodies that were sung such that no two members of a congregation sang them alike.
     “Every melody was tortured and twisted as every unskillful throat saw fit, until their psalms were uttered in a medley of confused and disorderly noises…it sounded like five hundred different tunes roared out at the same time; and so little attention was paid to time, that they were often one or two words apart, producing noises so hideous and disorderly, as is bad beyond expression.” (Hood, 1846)
     Aren’t we blessed to have our Sunday School and teachers, choirs, and their music directors?